Loyalty Programme

  • Coming Soon!

Local/Overseas Franchising

We do not have any franchise opportunities available. Thank you for your interest!


  • Wrong/Missing Product(s) Given

    We apologize sincerely if there has been a mistake or oversight in your order! We hope to seek your kind understanding that to err is human, and we deeply regret to have disappoint you. We will do our utmost best to rectify our errors as soon as possible and to make it up to you. Please drop us an email at hello.ph@ninefresh.com to share with us what has gone wrong ☹

  • Do all desserts come with the milk cup?

    Only some desserts in our menu come inclusive with a milk cup, while others do not. For milk cup lovers, we welcome you to add a milk cup for 80 php each!

    For our full range of menu and products description, please refer to our website here!

  • Are the products halal? Is it suitable for vegetarians?

    Our brand is not halal-certified, however rest assured that we do not use any gelatin or alcohol in any of our products. If you cannot consume dairy, do avoid our bean curd base desserts and milk cup (provided for in some of our menu items).

  • Are there no/less sugar options available?

    We offer 0 – 100% sugar level options for our whole range of teas available in the beverage menu. For our desserts, they are sweetened prior during production but for a lower sugar content choice, we recommend our bean curd base desserts!

  • Do you offer any warm dessert/beverage options?

    We do not have any warm dessert/beverage options available as they are served chilled to maintain its freshness and quality. However for our range of teas, you may request for less or no ice upon ordering :)

  • How long can I keep my desserts for without refrigerating?

    All desserts should be chilled as soon as possible, if not consumed within 2 hours from pickup/delivery to avoid spoilage. As a little tip, before refrigerating your dessert, remove all chewy toppings (taro balls, black pearl and mini taro Q) and store them at room temperature first as they will harden in the refrigerator. Pop them back into the chilled dessert again when you are ready to enjoy!

  • If you have any further questions that are not addressed here, feel free to drop us a note at hello.ph@ninefresh.com!

Delivery/Advance Orders

We are available for delivery via GrabFood, foodpanda, and SM Malls Online. Click here to know more. For bulk orders, please feel free to reach out to us at hello.ph@ninefresh.com and we will see what we can do for you!